People like to talk about gear. They like to do research, compare and look for the best on the market. I'm not the guy who believes that better gear will definitely take your photos to another level. However, I am not the guy who would neglect new and better technology either. I'm not the one who doesn't admit its great importance on the final image. Comfort that offers to photographers. After all, I switched to Sony and chose the best camera currently on the market. Without a doubt, I wanted and want to use their technology which will improve the quality of my photos. It will make my time spent outside more pleasant and in many ways will help me to capture moments that I was not able to.



Sony 200-600 G

So far the best zoom for wildlife what you can get on Sony.  Great build quallity and impressive sharpness and contrast. I kind of miss the contrast I can get from Prime lenses, but so far Im happy with result I get.

I wish Sony come up with something like 500m f4.


Sony A1

I have this camera for only a few months, but I have a strong feeling ... that Sony A1 will do me company for long time :). 

I'll probably write something about my experience with Sony A1 soon.


Nikon Z6

Although I switched to Sony, I still have a Nikon Z6 with a couple of lenses in my kit.

Leofoto Ranger LS-284C + FlexShooter

Probably the most compact and lightest tripod that I found on the market. Despite its small size and weight, it offers great stability and strength. In combo with  Flexshooter head, the total weight is around 1.5 kg.

You can find more information about Flexshooter on my blog.


Nikon Monarch 5 12x42

Quite a large and heavy binocular. Actually quite expensive :) I must say. But offers great image quality and brightness.



I have a lot of that. Camouflage nets, camouflage suits, etc. There is something different for every situation and environment I'm in, and I'm quite creative in this :).

I wrote a little about it in an article for my blog.


Gitzo GM2562T + Benro DG90

Although the image stabilization on Sony A1 is almost perfect, holding the camera for a long time is quite uncomfortable. Gitzo GM2562T is a small monopod with great weight and minimal height. That is important to me. I like to be as low as possible to the ground when taking the pictures.


Trail Camera

I use trail cameras quite often to monitor animal activity and locations. I use Technaxx Wild Cam TX-117 trail camera. Its well priced, small, light, and batteries last a really long time even when taking time-lapses.

I wrote a little about it in an article for my blog.

IMG_20220723_202725_jpg_web 1.jpg

Photo blind

There are situations when a photo bind is the best choice to disguise yourself in nature. Bad weather, keeping yourself comfortable, and so on... for these cases I own two photo blinds from Buteo. Buteo Mark II and Falco Bivi for shooting low from the ground. 


Gitzo Adventury 30l + 45l