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24h LeMans

24 Heures du Mans

For several years in a row (if I remember correctly, since 2015), we go with a group of other "boys" in the first half of June in the direction of Normandy to a small town called Le Mans. We don't go there to seduce French ladies with boxed wine and cans of lunchmeat. We are dignified noble gentlemen :) .... so our group of 10-15 people packs themselves into caravans and in the company of several barrels of Prazdroj and a few kilos of meat for grilling, we set off for the Le Sarte circuit to enjoy the monstrous creations from engineer's heads with the accompanying roar of engines on four wheels.

And while there are relentless discussions about the best engine solution of time, the angles and hardness of the suspension settings, and the color design and cut of the drivers and crew overalls, I sometimes allow myself to subtly disappear and take a few shots of the gems that run around us for 24 hours without a break.

In the end, I'm glad that, full of impressions and photos, we all return home safely after a 14-hour journey on the highways. Absolutely relaxed and refreshed. And while on the way back, some are trying to figure out what went wrong in our calculations, that we ended up coming back with an entire unopened barrel from five total pieces, and why, after calculating 2 kg of meat per person per day, are we carrying half of it back to the Czech Republic.... I, on the contrary, tell myself that I should help the boys more and leave the camera at home next time :) this year it will be the fifth time. 

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