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Shortly about me

Thank you for stopping by. Hi, David (1977) here, hobby nature & wildlife photographer from Czech Republic. 

I am illustrator/animator. Although my work is quite creative, it is also quite technical in a certain way. Photography became my hobby and a kind of escape from a bit overwhelming technical world :) Learning about the world around me and the life around me.

Nature photography became my favorite theme to photograph in the last years. The experience of spending time outside, and the satisfaction of getting a shot that portrays a character is hugely rewarding. I strive for something original in my images, and I try to stand apart from the mainstream.

My nature photography takes patience and planning to execute, and time in post-processing to achieve the look I want. I embrace the digital medium & editing for this, as well as in-camera techniques. Rather than documenting nature, my goals are intended first-and-foremost to capture the emotions

Feel free to comment, share or just say hello :)
Have a great time. 

David Drbal

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