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I borrowed this a bit :).


   This phrase is often used to describe a trio of lenses that cover the majority of the common focal range that a photographer would use in most situations. These lenses include a 14-24mm, 24-70mm, and 70-200mm lens. However, I won't be talking about lenses, but rather about accessories that help me achieve sharper photos and increase comfort while shooting. They have become an integral part of my photography gear. I'm referring to tripods and a monopod. Actually, this holy trinity came together at home somewhat unplanned, without me actively seeking it out. It was my experiences and needs that led me to it. It consists of a tripod, mini tripod, and a monopod. Maybe it's spoiled, but I really need all three of them :). Each of them has its strengths for certain types of photography and they complement each other perfectly for my needs.




LEOFOTO Ranger LS-284C


   This is a very compact and extremely lightweight tripod that still offers a solid construction and can handle quite a heavy load. The stated maximum load capacity is 10 kg, but I believe it could handle even more. Carbon is now a kind of standard. It offers lower weight (the tripod without the head weighs only 1.1 kg), but above all, it does not chill. The price for the low weight is a lower maximum height. It is 160 cm, but that doesn't bother me in my case. I am quite small and 90% of the time I try to shoot from the ground. With this tripod, you can get it all the way to the ground, and even with the head, I can get to a maximum height of under 10 cm. The Leofoto Ranger LS-284C is an overall very well-made tripod with a sturdy construction. With a pleasant and smooth locking of the legs and a sufficiently large base for the photo head. Spikes for the ends of the legs are also included with the tripod, which are particularly useful for shooting in terrain. They are long enough and provide even better stability for the tripod. I use a FlexShooter head in combination with this tripod. It combines the advantages of a ball and gimbal head in a compact and lightweight design. (more information about the FlexShooter head)


LEOFOTO Ranger LS-223C


   Maybe it's just my indulgence, but I had to get even this smallest sibling from Leofoto. And it's not the weight, which would be the most important argument (although it's only 0.4 kg), that persuaded me to buy it. The tripod offers a maximum height of only about 40 cm. The load capacity of the tripod is the same and it should handle 10 kg without problems. The biggest advantage and deciding factor, however, is the comfort when taking photos from the low positions that it offers me. Better handling of a tripod that takes up little space, but offers the same support for photographic equipment. I use it for low-level photography, whether in a photo booth or in more difficult and cramped conditions.