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The smaller brother from Gitzo Adventure 45l got into my hands. Has spent some time with me to get to know each other already. In the past, I preferred hiking backpacks for their versatility I needed. I don't carry that much photo equipment with me anymore. Extra space for clothing, camouflage, and an easy way to attach a chair and photo blind onto the backpack are important to me, rather than space for the camera and lenses. The last two years  I have been quite happy with a 40l tourist / tactical backpack. I extra padded inner sides to keep my camera safe. It didn’t give me ideal access to camera equipment and less water-resistance of the backpack forced me to look for a better solution. I love to go outside in bad weather conditions. I love taking the images on moody, snowy, rainy, and misty days. That has special demands on my backpack. Keep my equipment dry and safe for the whole day.

The Gitzo Adventure Series took my attention. With a space that suits my needs. With extra space for personal stuff that can be adjusted for my needs. Therefore, you do not always have to carry a large backpack with you when you do not make full use of its capacity. Backpack with several ways how to attach other accessories to it.



This photo backpack is not big at all and yet it offers enough space to me. The space for photography equipment is quite small,  due to the strong padding that protects the gear. Although this takes up a lot of space, I believe it perfectly protects my stuff in every situation. The space is not very big, but I don't carry so many lenses, even my largest 500mm PF lens is quite small thanks to the construction of PF elements. I can fit a 500mm mounted on a Nikon Z6, two or three other lenses, a flash with a remote trigger, and other accessories. Actually, everything I need to have with me on my trips. I use the laptop pocket for reflectors and diffusers. If you need more stuff to take with you I definitely recommend going for the 45-liter version.

Since I did not find the exact inner dimensions anywhere, I thought it's not a bad idea to do measurements for you. They will definitely help you decide if the size will be enough for you, or rather look after the 45-liter version.



Gitzo chose to go with the camera insert. I think it's very clever. You can easily pull it out for cleaning, you can remove it and transform Gitzo Adventury into a classic outdoor backpack.

In the upper part is a kind of roll-top pocket. You can adjust the size, flip the edge and secure with side buckles. The perfect solution for clothes, camouflage, and various other stuff that you will need. Because the pocket is separated from the main chamber, I can also put wet stuff in it without the moisture getting to the lower part where my gear stays. The inner layer of the pocket can be removed and washed in case it gets wet or dirty.



There are 3 more pockets on the outside of the backpack. One smaller at the front is only suitable for small items that you want to have quickly at hand. Two larger on both sides, that can hold more. Can also be used for a drinking bottle, or for inserting the tripod legs if you want to carry your tripod on the side of the backpack.

There are two straps around the backpack for attaching a tripod, etc. At the bottom, two more for attaching a mat, a photo hide, or whatever comes to your mind. Additional loops for carabiners are hidden in the folds on the sides. You can find pockets on the back of the backpack for straps. If you do not want to use them, there is an option to hide them in the pockets, which is quite clever.


There is no pocket on the waist belt, but there is a strap for hanging other accessories. It can be used to attach a drink bottle or some small additional pockets with Molle systems for the most important things. Cards, batteries, things for cleaning optics, etc.


Another pocket you will find is a rain cover from the bottom of the backpack. You probably won't use rain cover too often. The water-resistance of the backpack material is at a high level… but if you find yourself in a big storm, you can use it for extra protection.


+ The backpack has decent protection against water

+ RipStop material should prevent from tearing

+ Extra floor treatment

+ Color

+ Robustness and strength
( Compensated by the size of the interior space, … but the protection of photo equipment is more important to me.)

+ Upper pocket with the possibility to adjust its size
(the first impulse, for which I started thinking about buying this backpack)

+ Sufficient options for attaching other equipment and things onto backpack

+ comfortable wearing due to the rigid construction of the backpack

+ Padded waist belt. It's not too thick, but it works for me even better.

+ Cost
(despite the fact that it is a backpack from Gitzo, the price is not high compare to what you pay for LowerPro, Manfroto, etc.)


- The chest strap could be wider and have an elastic band as offered by other backpack manufacturers.

- The strap under the backpack is just too short to attach larger items.

- The front pocket could have been bigger

- No organizer in any of the 3 pockets
- No option for CamelBack

So that's all so far. All my thoughts about what I like and dislike I write down below. Even though there are a few things I dislike I found this Gitzo Adventury very pleasing to have on my trips with me. It's light, small, and does well on my back. Didn't use it in hot weather yet, hopefully, it will offer good air circulation in the back area.


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