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A tremendous animal that I really enjoy photographing. You won't come across it in the wild here in the Czech Republic, but I am very grateful for the few reservations where it is possible to observe these majestic beasts and take some decent pictures as well. My favorite spot where it's possible to find bison is near Milovice. A former military area with a large grassland with only a fence separating you from them. It is actually quite interesting that the second well-known reservation in our country is also a former military field in the Ralsko region.

But back to Milovice. It is my favorite location due to the accessibility and a very nice environment that the bison inhabit. The space is quite large and rugged, with a large number of shrubs and trees. The terrain and size of the reservation make it a little difficult to take good photos, but thanks to frequent visits I identified their daily rhythm and I already know for sure when and in what part of the reservation I will come across them. This is quite important because the grassland is considerably big and seeing the herd or even getting close to the "range" can be quite tricky. Once you find the places where they are at a given time with good lighting conditions, it will give you great opportunities to fill up your camera card. And I'm not even mentioning the exceptional possibility to observe an undisturbed herd during its daily activity