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Summer with Brown Hares

I have to say, the hares get my attention this summer. At the time before the roe deer rut, when I was walking around a few localities and watching its onset, I came across quite a few hares on one of them. The hares stay very close to the forest and forest paths. I tried to observe ...

Camouflage For Wildlife Photography

The main goal of camouflage is to blend in with the environment as much as possible.
Becoming invisible to the animals, which will allow you to observe them undisturbed and in most cases will give you the only way to get as close to them as possible. Each animal responds differently ...


Gitzo Adventure 30l

The smaller brother from Gitzo Adventure 45l got into my hands. Has spent some time with me to get to know each other already. In the past, I preferred hiking backpacks for their versatility I needed. I don't carry that much photo equipment with me anymore. Extra space for clothing, camouflage, and an easy  ...